Computer Repair

Are you looking for computer repair in Anchorage Alaska?  Are you frustrated with your computer?  Is it running slow?  Not sure how to setup that new wireless router? We can help you with all of these issues and more.  We pride ourselves on being friendly and professional.  Spiderweb Computers can help you with the following:

Virus Removal/Malware Removal

Is your computer infected?  No problem!  We can help remove the virus and also install software to help prevent this from happening to you again.  We also provide a managed Antivirus solutions for your home computers, which means that if your computer does happen to get another virus, we will be notified automatically and can take care of the issue.

Re-installing Windows

Sometimes a computer simply needs to be formatted and reinstalled.  This is can be easier said than done, but Spiderweb Computers can make sure to take care of this and make sure that none of your personal data is lost in the process.

Slow Computer

Is your running slow?  Not sure what’s the cause?  We can help make your computer quick and speedy.

Setting up your home network

Maybe you have purchased a new computer and you need to set it all up.  We can make sure that your printer is installed, your data from your old computer moved over, plus more. issues

And much more.

We offer many other computer repair services for you. If the service you are searching for is not listed, call us today and get a free consultation to see if this is something we can help with.

Call Spiderweb Computers today at 907-727-1278 for more information or  email

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